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Escape the Forest Escape the forest by walking on all tiles. First click on your start tile and then the direction you...
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Valiant Knight Try to pick up all coins and reach the exit of a level. Tap/Click to change direction.
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My Kingdom For The Princess Rebuild the kingdom and win the heart of the Princess!
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Air Hockey Can you score the most points in this air hockey game?
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Mini Golf Complete all 18 holes in as less strikes as possible.
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Baseball Fun baseball practice game. Click to take a swing at the ball.
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Penalty Shootout: Multi League 12 leagues - one trophy! Select your favorite team and battle your way into the finals in this skill...
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Flower Garden 2 Find all the hidden letters in the Flower Gardens.
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Valerian Join Valerian and his fellow agents for a mad dash through Alpha, the City of a Thousand Planets. Th...
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Big Parking Park your car safely on the indicated parking spot.
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Shifty Gears A patient with mysterious powers has just escaped from a secret laboratory. Help him make his escape...
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Jewel Master Fun match 3 game, follow the in game instructions per level on how to reach the goal of a level.
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Billiard Blitz Challenge Try to pocket as many balls as you can within the time given in this challenging billiard game!
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Boat Battles Destroy all enemy ships before they can sink your armada! It's like the old Battleship board game.
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Thrill Rush 5 There’s lots of cash to grab on this roller coaster but it’s very dangerous up there. The tracks kee...
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Undead Drive In Undead Drive the end of time is here. Zombies are coming! Use your car to escape and to kill some...
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Valerian Space Run A cosmic runner game, where space agents from the City of Alpha try to avoid obstacles and bolt thro...
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Wasteland Warriors Attention warriors! Engage your friends in this free for all, post apocalyptic fragging funzone. Int...
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Clash of Vikings The battlefield is set. It's you versus the other viking kingdom. You have 3 minutes to defeat your...
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The Last Survivors They are the last of us, but they are not defenseless. In this brilliant two-character puzzle game y...
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