Defend Kindom Wars

Defend Kindom Wars

 Tower Defense


Mouse to play.

Type of Tower:

1.Arrow tower:Cheap and work well.
2.Cannon tower:Upgraded version of arrow tower.
3.Rocket tower:Attack power increased significantly,Ultra long range strike.

1.Ice tower:Reduce the enemy's moving speed.
2.Fire tower:The enemy continues to be hurt.
3.Dark tower:Reduce the enemy's defense.
4.Light tower:Regardless of the enemy's defense,attack the enemy directly.

Magic combination tower:

1, ice + fire: Attack with the sputtering effect, and continues to be hurt.

2, ice + dark: Reduce the enemy's moving speed, and has probability to stun the enemy.

3, ice + Light: Jumping flash of lightning, all the enemies that hurt reduce the speed of movement.

4, fire + dark: Make the enemy die immediately,not work on boss,instead of crit.

5, fire + Light: Speed of tower attack unprecedented high.

6, dark + Light: Has probability of critical strikes damage.

Game Details

The forces of evil are coming. The monsters are invading the kingdom! The war is coming - let us work together to destroy them and defend the kingdom in this tower defense game.

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